SHADOW WORK in Relationship: Projections, Codependency and Unconscious Entanglement – Episode 102

We’re all projecting all the time. 

That’s just one of the many insights to come out of Episode 102, wherein we do some serious shadow work to shine the light of consciousness on our relationships. 

This discussion, a progression from Episode 101, uncovers the ways our unconscious wiring plays out and gives us tools and reflections to help us break free from those patterns.  

Furthermore, it offers perspective on how the path of awakening interacts with this wiring for our benefit, and the benefit of others.

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Topics Explored in Shadow Work in Relationship – Episode 102:

  • Bringing light to shadow realms, bringing consciousness to unconsciousness
  • How our unconscious wiring translates as projections, codependency and entanglement in relationships
  • Getting radically honest and deeply vulnerable with ourselves, from a place of non-judgement
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Shadow Work in Relationship Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome and introduction to today’s topic: projections, co-dependency, and entanglement in relationship

2:11 – This is an opportunity to take yourself deeper and to let the doors open

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5:58 – The start of the LIVE portion. This conversation is a continuation from last week’s episode on relationships

8:40 – Today, we’re going to illuminate the shadow and open doors to things we don’t normally see

10:11 – Practice 1: An invitation to get into a place of deep vulnerability, radical honesty, and non-judgement

12:45 – We need to say yes to evolving, to shifting things in our lives and taking our relationship to a conscious level

13:45 – We are all always seeing things through our own lens — our own perspectives, ancestry, family systems, karmic backpack, experiences — everything

15:30 – Because we are always seeing life through our own perspective, we are never not projecting

16:04 – The more awake and divinized we become, the less our personal histories and lenses get in the way

21:20 – Much of our wiring is so deeply ingrained, that it’s unconscious, like our hearts beating

24:09 – A huge part of waking up is bringing consciousness to this wiring

26:40 – It’s often easier to see other people playing out their unconscious wiring than it is in ourselves

27:15 – Practice 2: What are my signposts/markers when I start to act from unconscious patterning?

32:36 – Practice 3: Getting radically honest with ourselves, what beliefs are we energetically pushing others into? What are they energetically pushing us into?

36:00 – True, proper tantra work is shadow work and intimate relationships act as a mirror

38:48 – We have to get really real about what our relationship is and how it’s serving

41:30 – Practice 4: Talk with those you’re in relationship with when you start to feel you’re doing shadow work with them, and honor the choice of whether or not they’re willing to engage further with it, and then make your choice from there about whether or not you want to stay in that relationship

45:58 – Comment with your favorite quote from this episode to enter the quote contest!

46:57 – This online workshop is great for going into shadow work in sexuality and relationships

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