RELATIONSHIP ALCHEMY: Getting Real About Love, Intimacy and Friendship – Episode 101

When two people come together, whether that be in friendship, working relationship or intimate partnership a third energy body is always formed.  When we can read that third energy body from an impersonal, non-attached, wisdom place we’ll discover insights about the health of the relationship, the boundaries of the relationship, the purpose of the relationship and so much more!

Episode 101 gives us practices and a framework for looking at our relationships from a place of deep wisdom and soul evolution.

We explore the nature of what happens when two energies mix and then go into a beautiful exploration of our relationships from a perspective that’s often difficult to access without a bit of guidance.

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Topics Explored in Relationship Alchemy – Episode 101:

  • The alchemy of co-creation when two energies mix
  • Transformation, waking up, and opening up to our full potential
  • Witnessing our relationships from a very high perspective
  • “Birthing a New World” series is here!!
  • Leave your favorite episode quote in the YouTube comments for a chance to win!


Watch the Relationship Alchemy video episode here…

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Relationship Alchemy Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome (back) to ReWilding for Women/Sabrina Lynn! This is episode #101

1:05 – Overview of the episode — all about relationships

2:39 – A relationship is a co-creation and an alchemizing of two energies

3:40 – An invitation to join the community via our Facebook group, and/or YouTube channel

4:44 – Diving into the conversation. There is a way of using words and energy that can open a lot of doors and show us things we may not have seen before, and can get past limiting beliefs and ways of seeing

7:38 – Own this as your space and your journey

9:25 – If we see things we do not like, but can let go of the judgement around them, we will have access to so much more

11:30 – We are trying out a new, fun thing! If there’s a sentence or a phrase that stands out to you, add it to the public comments under the YouTube video, and one person will get a free online workshop or a $50 voucher!

14:20 – Practice: Feel into any relationship. What are the challenges that are there? What are the fears, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings around those challenges?

17:58 – Practice: Feel into your aura, and then feel into the other person’s aura, from a total love, witness perspective. Imagine your two auras mixing together, as is what happens when you interact. There is a third energy that gets created from this mixing and it has an energetic life of its own

23:20 – That third energy is just the alchemical nature of what gets created

26:00 – Sometimes we need to take a step back and view the relationship from a higher perspective

29:25 – Practice: Feel into a person that brings out a part of you that you don’t normally express. What is it that they’re illuminating in you?

36:34 – From your deep, deep wisdom center, ask yourself, is this serving?

41:30 – A truth is that when we’re in our highest good, it’s also in the highest good of others and the whole world

44:24 – Homework part 1: Comment on this YouTube video with your favorite quote from the episode

44:44 – Homework part 2: Feel into all your relationships and from that deep, wise place, ask yourself, “Do they serve?”

48:35 – Can now sign up for updates from Sabrina Lynn

49:22 – “Birthing a New World” free mini-series is here!


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