Truth & the Feminine: Why They Don’t Go Well Together & How to Overcome It – Episode 100

What is truth, anyway?

Well, not only does that depend on the individual in question, but it also greatly depends on whether we’re in our masculine or feminine energy.

The feminine’s guiding principle is based on love and connection, whereas the masculine places considerable value on consistency. And when it comes down to truth, this can make an enormous difference in what we see. 

In today’s episode, we get really honest with ourselves and dive into where we compromise our soul’s truth for the sake of intimacy, as well as for safety and security. 

Furthermore, we talk about the light at the end of the tunnel — a state of being wherein we transcend the “either/or” dichotomy and allow our deepest truths to serve our connections in love. 

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Topics Explored in Truth and Feminine Energy – Episode 100:

  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy in regards to truth
  • Where we compromise our deepest soul truths and why
  • Doing the work vs. talking about the work 
  • Announcement of an upcoming, free mini-series!


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Truth and Feminine Energy Show Notes (based on audio version):

0:00 – Welcome (back) to ReWilding for Women. This is episode #100!

0:35 – Overview of entire episode. This is a “shake you up/wake you up” type of episode

3:18 – This is part 3 of the series. Part 2 goes into a lot of practices to help us access our deep inner truth

4:05 – We’d love to hear your feedback on our blog, Facebook group, and YouTube channel

4:55 – The main feminine principle is love and connection

7:18 – Truth in the context of feminine energy is fluid, flexible, shifting constantly, and accessed in the moment

8:20 – There’s such wisdom in feminine truth and is very different than masculine truth, which is very solid and consistent

14:55 – Practice 1: Soften and feel into your feminine. Feel into nurturing, flowing, wanting to serve

16:57 – The feminine is very intuitive and tuned into many different things, while the masculine is very mission and focus oriented

18:42 – It is sometimes believed that to speak truth means sacrificing love and connection, but it doesn’t have to be that way

22:23 – We can move into a state of being where we don’t have to choose between soul truth and love and connection

25:15 – We also compromise truth for safety, security, and money

28:15 – There’s a way of living where safety/security and living soul truth can support, instead of fight, each other, but we must do the inner work

31:10 – Many of us have a belief that life is a series of “either/or’s”, however, that doesn’t have to be the case

35:15 – Going to explore episode lengths being around 40 minutes

35:45 – An invitation to help us out by liking this video, subscribing to our YouTube channel, and commenting on this video about where you would like to go next, based on this conversation

36:50 – We’d love to see you in our Facebook group

36:56 – Stay tuned, as we’re launching a new, free mini-series called “Birthing a New World”

37:50 – Closing comments and gratitude


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