Which Goddess to Work With – Unusual Tips to Help You Choose – Episode 20

Which Goddess to work with and how to lean into the divine masculine are the two topics we dive into in this ReWilding For Women episode.  The two questions came from our previous podcast.  Some of the women in our ReWilding circle wanted to know, “How do I know which Goddess to work with?” and “How do I lean into the Divine Masculine?”  We discuss both in this episode.  Enjoy!

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Which Goddess to Work With & Leaning into the Divine Masculine – In this episode:

(Note: times are based on the audio version, we’ve shorted the video version by taking out the opening meditation practices.)

4.08: The cross over of Goddess archetypes from different traditions
4.52: Who are your signature Goddesses?
5.13: How your astrological birth chart can help you discover your signature Goddess archetypes
7.20: How our primary archetypal energies shift and change throughout different times in our lives.
8.40: How the current astrology effects which Goddess energies are calling to you
10.50: What it feels like when a Goddess is calling you
11.30: Standing in the energy of multiple Goddesses in order to feel them all
12.50: Which Goddess to work with – Trusting your body wisdom to guide you
15.20: #1 way to discover which Goddess to work with
24.15: Leaning into the Divine Masculine
26.00: Healing patriarchal wounds
26.30: Goddess Kali purifying distorted masculine energy
29.00: Invoking Jupiter energy, which is grace-filled divine masculine energy
30.30: Qualities of the divine masculine
32.20: Invoking Shiva energy and the spirituality of the Divine Masculine
33.00: Invoking Parvati to embody both the divine masculine and feminine within

artwork by Zeng Hao

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