What is MYSTERY School?

ReWilding is pushing further into ‘truth’ territory, further into the mysteries of the feminine and the mysteries of the divine.

ReWilding is letting go of more old/dense patterns, fears and rubble around feminine wisdom, feminine power and ancient, esoteric gifts of the soul.

She, meaning the essence of ReWilding, is a rather demanding energy. She’s constantly opening doors, constantly demanding the small self be shed, constantly demanding we open to more of our divine nature and that we step closer and closer to becoming the embodiment of that which bridges heaven and earth.

She wants the veils shattered, the truths revealed, the fear eliminated and the love to pour through us healing, transforming and awakening us to our allness.

Why Do I Share This Today?

ReWilding MYSTERY School starts tomorrow. At noon on 26 October 2017 in Katoomba, Australia 19 women will gather in circle to open to a 6 month journey totalling 114 hours of ReWilding (and that’s just the hours they’re in circle!!)

ReWilding Mystery School

What is MYSTERY School?

I barely have words to describe how MYSTERY School feels to me. I remember when the idea first came, I had just finished dancing like a wild woman in the woods; stomping my feet, shaking a stick and chanting some random Hekateish words when I collapsed into a state of pure bliss in the sunlight on a rock ledge overlooking the ocean.

It was then that the words ‘Mystery School’ came into my head and I laughed.
Yes! I laughed. Loud and long and hard.
MYSTERY School?!?
That’s a funny, random thought.

The laughter was quickly followed by a state of sheer dread.
Oh my God, you can’t be serious?
START a Mystery School?

Dread faded and denial set in as I realised the thought was around creating this almost unfathomable thing called Mystery School.
Not happening.
No way!

The mind is such a funny little thing and so damn slow to catch up!!

Here’s why …

This little incident on the rock ledge happened during a 6 month ReWilding program entitled, INTENSIVE. In the program we explore as many of the 32 archetypal energies we work with in ReWilding as we possibly can.

The wild part is that about half way through the 6 month journey our circle of women started to naturally open to the esoteric, mysterious, and unique soul gifts within.

It was so tangible that as a group we set the intention to speak out loud the gifts we were seeing unfold in our sisters with them just in case they couldn’t see it in themselves (which, by the way, is another funny thing the little mind does).

We watched women step into their magic, their hands on healing gifts opened, their medicine woman songs began to sing themselves, their priestess/tantrika magic became tangible and SO many other wild, beautiful, profound gifts began to surface.

Despite all the ‘mysteries’ unfolding right before my eyes, it was still a few weeks before my little mind caught on … Oh my God, we were already IN Mystery School!! Haha!

I talk about the energy of ReWilding (the essence of her) as shifting, changing, deepening because tomorrow this circle of 19 women will step into term 2 of MYSTERY School.

What this will do for ReWilding as a whole one can only dream. What this will do for each and every woman who touches ReWilding whether on a podcast, in the facebook group or at a live event one can only dream.  The web that connects us all is so strong, so profound and yet so subtle.

mystery school

The entrance into MYSTERY School

I write this as an acknowledgement of the 19 women coming to circle tomorrow.

I write this as an acknowledgement of the 10,891 women who sit next to us in our ReWilding facebook group.

I write this as an acknowledgement of every single woman who has ever dreamt of living a more connected, fuller, bigger, deeper life.

May we all shed the layers that hold us back and open to the magic and divinity within.

Big mamma love to you!

Sabrina Lynn

P.S. This image knocked me over when I saw it.  It captures how I feel about our entrance into MYSTERY School tomorrow.

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  1. Tabitha on February 27, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    I’m in the mtns and signed up for the class. Could I join in person? Where and when in katoomba?

    • Barbara Moore on February 27, 2018 at 9:09 pm

      Hi Tabitha – mystery School is an online video series that will start this week. This can be done in the comfort of your own space at your convenience. Sabrina is holding a retreat in Katoomba in April of this year. At this time there is a waitlist. I’d be happy to add your name if you would like. Please email me at barbara@rewildingforwomen.com. Have a lovely day. Barb

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