#13 – Reclaiming Your Power in Relation to the Masculine

Reclaiming Your Power. From where? How? To fully claim our power we must first know thyself. But what does this really ask of us?

In this episode we explore the relationship with the masculine, whether we are single or in intimacy; our relationship with fathers, brothers, sons…and how in this dance lies the path to reclaiming your power. We face up to our fears about and projections we make onto the masculine, and how owning our ‘stuff’ takes us into deeper realms of radiance, joy, love. When we are in a place of fully honouring self and our soul path, and can do the same of the masculine, the dance we make together becomes profoundly fulfilling on all levels.

Experience a divinely beautiful Shiva practice that is a perfect way to experience the dance of masculine and feminine on a cellular level within, so that we can mirror this experience into the world. This is where projection is a good thing!

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Reclaiming Your Power in Relation to the Masculine – In this episode:

2.30 – Invoking Shiva practice
6.30 – The meeting of Shiva and Shakti
8.35 – The importance of sharing the experience with others
10.10 – Honouring your experience as it is; big or small, now or later, strong or soft
11.36 – How to invite your man to come along on this journey, even if you’re single
14.17 – Paying attention to what triggers you as a gift for knowing self and how to use it
15.38 – How the smashing of the little self is a crucial part of coming into your fullness
17.20 – Reclaiming your energy from attachments you’ve made to the masculine
18.58 – Honouring self, soul gifts, soul path and soul purpose – in him too!
21.00 – Owning the one fear we ALL have
22.40 – How being vigilant in checking your beliefs about the masculine can set you free
24.07 – How cornering the masculine with your beliefs leads to keeping yourself hidden
25.52 – What you can do to unwind the entanglement
29.13 – Why our men are longing for the fullness of the feminine
31.30 – Understanding why we’ve gotta give our guys a break
35.10 – Breaking free of the distorted energies of the Gods and Goddesses
40.00 – From the gorgeous space of the Lover archetypes, inviting your men to meet you
43.40 – A great example of how our projections of men are blown apart by a single share, and how it triggered several women to tears

Art by Dorina Costras

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  1. Robin on June 20, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Not selfish – being in our selfness. What a difference this realization has made for me.

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