January 2018 Astrology Tips

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1. With Blackmoon sitting between Saturn and Eros, there is great opportunity to explore some of our deepest blocks, emotions and old beliefs around the masculine. Find ways to enter the deeper realms. Shamanic journeys can be good, breath work, primal practices, rewilding. Do something that takes you past your everyday-rational-thinking-mind and then reflect/journal/contemplate the following: what are your deepest, most hidden thoughts around the masculine?

Take a few minutes to consider:

your own masculine…

the masculine energy in men…

masculine energy in society.

What angers you? What saddens you? What scares you? Take your time with this. Get as specific as possible.

2. With Kali conjunct Parvati and Juno (Goddess of the Sacred marriage), it’s also a good time to work with the feminine, specifically the face of the lover. So again, like practice 1, do whatever it takes to get past the rational mind and then reflect/journal/contemplate your deepest, most hidden thoughts and feelings around the feminine – specifically as she relates/marries/makes loves to/comes into union with the masculine.

Take time to consider:

your own personal feminine…

feminine energy in women…

feminine energy in society.

When/how/where do you feel empowered as a woman? When do you not? Do you feel empowered in relationship? In a room full of men? How worthy is feminine energy? Does it feel as powerful as masculine energy? When is it more powerful or less?

3. With Kali conjunct the south node (or past life territory), and Ceres conjunct the north node (soul purpose territory), you can feel into the gifts and wisdom you’ve brought into this life. A great practice would be to make a list of all the ‘weird’ gifts you may have, or may ‘have had’ but shut off. You know the gifts – that by society’s standards are considered ‘out there’ (intuition/unexplained knowing/channeling, anyone?)? Are there any you’re blocking? Any you’re scared of? Any that are starting to poke their head out? Open up and feel into them.

4. Tap into the great energy of Ceres – MOTHER EARTH – fertility goddess. She’s sitting right next to your future visions and soul purpose! Invite her in to bring her big mamma magical energy to your resolutions and intentions. Go deep here. No crappy surface-level desires – she’ll sniff ‘em out and ignore ‘ya. They need to be aligned with your soul!! Great practices to align with her would be to get outside in nature and connect with the land beneath you, the wind, the trees, the plants – any sort of earthy practices are fabulous here!

5. Sacred union is a strong theme this month in a variety of places in the chart. With regards to sacred union: What are you craving? What are you longing for? Feel into what the term ‘beloved’ brings up for you. Is there emotion? Is there an image? Is there a knowing? Just feel, and then feel deeper. If it sings to you, you can do stream of consciousness writing around the term ‘beloved’. Just allow the words to flow with no judgment and no push. This is just about witnessing – not trying to change anything – just witness and allow.

6. Finally, if you’re looking to work even deeper with the energies of this astrology, join our Inner Circle and do this month’s theme workshop on Sacred marriage OR come to our Sedona workshop Jan 27-28, where we’ll work with the astrology PLUS the energy of the eclipse! HUGE!!!


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