Eclipse – A Time for Deep Change

Release the old and embrace the new! 

It’s Friday and strangely (or more likely serendipitously) my schedule has cleared for the day. I didn’t plan on writing about eclipse but it’s as if the energy that’s been building all week has grabbed a hold of me and is screaming to be written about.

So here we are, chatting about eclipse, which for some of us is Sunday 26 February and for others is Monday 27 Feb. (Google can tell you the exact date and time if you do a quick search.)

  • First, I’d like to share the 2 major eclipse themes that I’m seeing in the astrology, feeling energetically, witnessing in my one-on-one sessions and watching in my personal life.
  • Next, I’m going to talk about how this eclipse is the energetically supported New Years of 2017. Yep, this is the New Years that Mother Nature has created (vs the mind of man). So if your resolutions didn’t stick, don’t sweat it, now is the time to implement them.
  • Finally, and most importantly, I share powerful practices on how you can work with this energy.  A bit of a warning here:  these are potent and will create change in your life. You’re tapping into Natural Law here and working with Mother Nature so expect the unexpected when diving into these practices.

Alright, let’s get into it!

Eclipse Themes

We’ve got a few different themes happening at the moment and depending on your particular soul’s path and energetic make-up different themes will most likely be louder than others for you.  So, as with anything I share, feel into what’s true for you.  Don’t try to fit something that’s happening for you into what I’m saying. Just take what resonates and what’s useful and leave the rest.

I’m going to share two of the loudest themes I’m seeing in this eclipse. But, if you’re seeing and feeling something else, trust it and skip to the section on New Years.

1. Inner Child

In my one on one work with women this week I have seen numerous women open to and let go of some very deep and very old patterns from childhood.  This is amazing work!  And for many of us these old wounds or patterns are coming to the surface to be seen and released.  They’re old patterns that no longer serve and often times they hold us back.

An example of this might be moving from “needy” and “clingy” child-like love to mature adult love.  Another way of saying this would be moving from co-dependence to inter-dependence within relationship.

Something else to pay attention to is that the body does amazing things around Inner Child energy when it’s opening and clearing.  One of the amazing things I’ve seen time and time again is childhood illness popping up, everything from out-of-the-blue colds, to sore throats, to congested chests, to rashes, etc.

If this is happening for you or if you’re feeling strong energetics toward parents or dreaming of children or noticing memories of your childhood coming up GO INTO IT.  This is your doorway in.

If you can go into these memories, these physical symptoms, these emotions there’s a good chance you can release that which no longer serves you, that which you’re ready to grow out of.

  2. Intimate Relationship 

Also in my work (as well as in my personal life) I’ve seen intimate relationships really put to the test over these past few weeks. Eclipse is a time of bringing truth to the surface and with this particular theme it’s about bringing some of the deepest (sometimes darkest) truths out.

Many of us are being forced to look at what we truly long for and desire in relationship (particularly intimate partnerships). Many women have been saying things like, “I know there’s more; more to sex, more to love, more to intimacy, more to relationship.”

If you’re feeling these longings or these deep knowing arising within.  Let them bubble up to the surface.  Let the longing be felt, let the pain, the ache and the emotion be seen.

For those in relationship – this an amazing time to renew vows.  For those who are single this is an amazing to renew the vows you have with your inner masculine and inner feminine.


This Eclipse is the energetic New Year’s of 2017

I think our calendar is the silliest damn thing on the planet!  What sort of system has to add an extra day every 4 years in order to make up for the fact that our calendar isn’t lining up with Mother Nature’s calendar?!  That being said, I think New Years is such a funny marker for our society.  It’s not at all supported by the energetics of Mother Nature.  Makes me wonder if that’s why New Years resolutions rarely stick?!?  We’ve picked an arbitrary date that has nothing to do with new beginnings or fresh starts.  Hilarious to me!!

Anyways, enough of my rant, what’s important here is that this eclipse (26 or 27 Feb) is an energetically supported New Years!! It’s a New Moon eclipse, which means Mother Nature’s supporting new beginnings, and fresh starts for all of us!  Hallelujah!

So all those resolutions from January 1st that haven’t quite stuck for you, try em again.  That is if they still fit!!  We’ve been in a bit of a cosmic washing machine for the past few weeks so a lot may have shifted between now and then. Honour that.

Also, just because I only mentioned 2 themes above doesn’t mean you can’t tune into any aspect of your life that you’re looking to change. Feel free to look at your career, your health, your love life, your social life, your creative life and anything else that sings to you is perfect! Trust what’s coming up for you.


How to Work with the Energy of this Eclipse

With this eclipse energy we’ve got an amazing opportunity to 1) release the stuff holding us back and 2) embrace the new. Here’s an incredibly powerful practice for this weekend.

I’m going to place a warning on this practice – IT’S POTENT.  You’re working with the energies of the cosmos on this one.  It’s a fully supported time to be doing these rituals and will create change in your life.  So if you’re NOT wanting to step into a bigger, fuller, more divine expression of yourself and if you’re NOT wanting to align more closely with your soul’s truth and your soul’s path then DON’T do this.

I say this because when we open to our truest self and our fullness often times big change occurs.  Relationships change or fall away, careers shift and sometimes our soul is screaming so loudly to be heard that the bottom falls right out from underneath us in order to get us to step into who we came here to be and what we came here to do.  What I’m saying is that big mama transformation is possible.

With that, let’s dive in!

Releasing the old

Saturday 25 February is the perfect time to release.  As always, trust your gut here.  Follow your intuitive guidance on what releasing looks like for you.

For some of us it’s primal movement that releases stuff (if you’ve done workshops with me think of the chakra breathe meditation).

For others it’s writing a list of everything you’re intending to let go of and then burning it in a ritualistic way. For some it’s bathing in salt water or swimming in the ocean with the intention of letting particular patterns go.

For the releasing component – the deeper you can go the more freedom you’ll find.

Shamanic journeys are fabulous.  Deep earthy practices will take you into these places.  This is about calling up the wisdom from your inner self (not your monkey mind).  So do whatever you need to do to get past the crazy brain and get into the deeper realms of self.  Once there you can explore and find what’s ready (and wanting) to be released.

Embracing the New

Sunday 26 February is the perfect time to feel into what your soul is wanting for your future. Again, not what the monkey mind wants.

  • What is the deepest part of you longing for?
  • What kind of love are you longing for?
  • What kind of life style are you longing for?
  • How are you craving to BE?
  • How are you wanting to feel?
  • What kinds of things can you implement into your life to help you feel that way?

Here are some powerful questions around people in your life.

  • Which people in your life support your fullness and your soul’s deepest longings?
  • Who are you surrounding yourself with?
  • Do they encourage your happiness and your growth or do they thwart it?  Be honest here!!!
  • How do you feel around those closest to you?!?
  • Can you be YOU around then?
  • Can you share your truths with them?
  • Do you feel energized or drained when you’re with them?

Again what we’re doing here is getting a picture of what the wise woman part of self is asking us to embrace.  Let her be the guide to what your new picture and your new life can look like.

Once you’ve gotten the picture set up ritual.  Maybe you do this alone, maybe you gather some soul sisters together, maybe you do this with your partner.  Feel into what’s right and go with that.

Now create ritual.  Again, trust your intuition on this.  It can be as simple as lighting a candle and saying a few things out loud or in the mirror.

I do want to mention there is enormous power in bringing your intentions into this physical plane and anchoring them. Speaking aloud does this. Sharing with another who acts as witness does this. Writing does this. Feel into this aspect and plan accordingly.

My dear friend, we have an amazing window of opportunity here. My hope for you is that you can create the space and the time to go deeply within, release that which no longer serves and open to more of your truest, most authentic nature.

Journey well!!

So much love to you

Sabrina Lynn

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