Taking the Head Off the Defense Mechanisms that Hold Us Back – A Dance with Kali – Episode 22

Defense mechanisms block us from opening up to our fullest potential and our deepest truths. Β In this episode we explore Kali energy and we open to her sword of truth, a sword that can help us see past these mechanisms that often block our intuition, deny the our wild woman nature and stunt our growth.

It’s a powerful episode (how can it not be when we open to Kali?) πŸ™‚ It’s also a great ‘know thyself’ episode. Β Our hope is that it takes you deeper into your truth and unlocks even more of the brilliant wild woman that you are!

A few things we dive into:

  • 5 Different defense mechanisms and how to identify them within yourself
  • 3 practices for getting past defense mechanisms
  • Opening to Kali and her gifts in order to ‘cut the head off’ personal defense mechanisms

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Defense Mechanisms & Deeper Truths – In this episode:

2.10 – What inspired this episode – a personal story
3.00 – Kali’s sword of truth and its gift to us
7.00 – The nature of expansion / contraction
8.25 – The pain that comes with seeing the truth of the truth of the truth
8.30 – Intuition and how we block it
9.30 – Defense mechanism definition
12.07 – Kali not allowing us to B.S. ourselves
12.34 – 5 different types of defense mechanisms
14.22 – Defense mechanism #1 – Rationalising or story telling
15.37 – Defense mechanism #2 – Creating confusion or haze around yourself
16.50 – Defense mechanism #3 – Projecting
17.50 – Why we use these protection mechanisms
19.00 – Soul contracts – people showing you things within self that NOBODY else can
20.27 – Defense mechanism #4 – Escapism or jumping into the upper chakras
22.00 – How to go in and release your deepest rubble
23.50 – Kali taking the head off your defense mechanisms and the love behind it
25.25 – Defense mechanism #5 – Distractions and filling one’s time, one’s belly, one’s mind
26.00 – De-rubbling and how it changes your life
26.40 – 3 practices to get past defense mechanisms
27.30 – Story of Kali’s sword cutting away the defense mechanisms
30.30 – Partner practice to help you get to your deepest truth
31.20 – Friends who can (and will) truth bomb you
32.00 – How to gift a friend with Kali’s sword of truth
33.00 – One final practice to help you get to your deepest truth

Artwork by MiaLaia

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